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Dashboard Inspiration

10 - ETL
10 - ETL

Hey All, I have had a hard time finding inspiration/tips for creating more appealing dashboards. I thought I would share a dashboard I created using BLOX that I think you might like. Please share your creativity. 


9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro


We have developed some "home" pages that enables users to navigate through dashboards in a more "portal" way, like that:

Image 26.png

And also give the possibility to users to search contents and then filter when selecting an item in a Google like way:

Image 27.png

All using BloX. It would be great to have BloX responsive also.

Hope it helps!

This is awesome! I love the list view on the second page. I will be using this as inspiration. Thanks for sharing. 

Hey @jirazazabal, is each row in the list view (second image) hard coded in Blox or is it dynamic? Is that what you meant by responsive? Thanks!

Hi @gwolfe 

The list is dinamyc, it's the result of the search in the data model. The user has a input text box to type the word/words to search, and then, the resuts of the search are showed. It's build with BloX.

Why I meant as responsive it's that in some cases, BloX it's not responsive and ¡, in some devices, it's not showed properly. 

hope it helps!

10 - ETL
10 - ETL


I am using a scatter chart to try and replicate a lollipop chart. Any ideas on how to format the gridlines? I can't seem to find any documentation. Below is an example of what I have and what I want to achieve.

Scatter Chart.jpgLollipop chart example.jpg


Here is how I did it ... the same field in the Y axis and in the Break By. I hope this is helpful!

Screenshot 2021-11-17 094011.jpg

9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

This is a little more theoretical, but I had to come up with some basic templates recently and thought I would share a couple. This is more about how the user may want to ingest the data from a structural perspective of design, not so much the visual formatting. I hope these can provide some inspo! 






These are awesome! Thanks for sharing. I have tried to do something similar in the past, but I wanted to the title to span the entire page, and then brake up with widgets in columns like you have here. I wasn't able to figure out how to do it. 

I had the same ask as well, to have the title go all the way across and then begin columns. I couldn't find a good workaround with my current version ... I even tried just duplicating the widget and leaving it blank but you still get that noticeable break ... I've noticed my users generally don't seem to mind the short title bar if there is another visual or more interactivity in that space to distract them and not just white space, e.g. in the case where there is a Tabber or a map in the top right corner and not an indicator ... food for thought!

8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

Thanks for the inspiration, all!   I'd like to layout widgets better on my page, and I reckon I need to use blox to do that - almost like old-school HTML and divs for controlling layout (stop me if I'm wrong!) .

What I can't figure out is how to put widgets into a blox container.   Can anyone share how to do that?  The layout I'm after has different numbers of widgets per row, and some widgets that span 2 columns.   All help gratefully received!