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I want an option to remove the "Can Design" role when sharing dashboards (yaml? admin settings? does it already exist?).

I dislike the role because:

  • Users don't realise that they're editing a temporary copy, and that the owner can Republish to overwrite. They might make many changes, and then months later someone republishes the owner/master version.
  • I'm not entirely sure if republish always overwrites - if the user has made changes, do they keep their version when you republish or get the new one? If they keep theirs, it makes it confusing when trying to make changes requested by a user, because you make a change, click republish, and then the user forgets to click the revert-to-master-button.
  • Instead of the Designer Role, users can just duplicate the dashboard. That way, no risk of overwrite or confusion.




Republish will overwrite any changes they have made designing their dashboard. You can set them to "Can View" but that does limit their abilities within the dashboard. Our users who are designers have often used your third option of duplicating the shared/published version and making changes. 

Another option would be to put users in a group and make that group Viewer only.

Hello @Tim,

Thank you for sharing your idea. We enjoy working with our customers to make Sisense better.

zach_myt offered some information, and I would like to get more details about your Idea.

What use case would removing the role address?

Regarding the Dashboard being overwritten, the owner could duplicate the original Dashboard and share the duplicate. That way changes could be made to the original and the process repeated for any updates.

I'm looking forward to working with you to make us all successful.


The use case is:

When I share dashboards, I already avoid the Designer role. That's fine, having the extra option on the drop-down doesn't matter for my use.

But others also make and share dashboards. The owner and the designer-role users don't know exactly how Republish and the Designer role works. Sometimes, a designer will change a widget without realising their change could be overwritten, and the owner will republish without realising that they're overwriting others' work.

The other problem is "I fixed the formula on the dashboard you shared" followed by "I don't see the change" because the user actually fixed it on their Designer-role version of it. Or "Why doesn't your version of the dashboard look like mine?". 

When sharing comes up in conversation with others, I advise them "Never use the Designer role because it's bad", because otherwise it's a lot of confusing explanation and there's enough other confusing stuff to think about.

Part of the appeal of Sisense is that it's intuitive. Removing the designer role will make it more intuitive.

Hi @Tim,

Thank you for replying with your use case. We will take your feedback about providing a way to hide the 'Can Design' option from Dashboard sharing to the product team. Maybe we will see that option in a future release! 

One of the ways we prioritize development efforts is by community interest. We encourage other users to vote and comment on your suggestion, the more engagement a request receives, the higher the likelihood of it being considered for implementation.

Thank you for being a valuable part of our community!