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Status: New Idea

I would like to see some improvements regarding the pivot table in Sisense:

  1. Measures as rows
    Right now, when you add multiple measures to the pivot table they are automatically added as an extra column. Every major player in the BI business allows for measures to be added as rows, I would like Sisense to do so as well
  2. Expandable dimensions (could be used for almost every widget type)
    Let's say I have a pivot table showing revenues with categories as rows and years as columns. Ideally, I would like these to be expandable, i.e. if I click on the + icon for years, it should show me the quarters, months and so on. This could also be implemented for line, bar and column charts. 
    For categories e.g. I would like to expand to sub-categories. The drill-down we have right now doesn't work, it zooms in on just 1 category losing an overview of the data.