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Status: Delivered

**Please note this idea was migrated to the Product Feedback Forum from older submission areas**

User parameters must be set and cannot be used for dynamic customizations.

When setting up data models, these parameters cannot be included as part of a filter in the underlying query.

We would like a way to reference a global or system variable that includes the username of the currently logged in user.

Status changed to: Needs Votes & Comments

Hi Community,

The Dynamic Import Query introduced in version 2023.4 can be used to define data models using parameters. This is a huge improvement in User Parameters.

Here are some use case examples when using the feature:

  • Using a parameter as a literal in a user-defined function (UDF) or calculation
  • Using a parameter as a reference to an SQL element
Status changed to: Delivered

We are pleased to inform you that your idea has been successfully implemented! We greatly appreciate your contribution to the Sisense Community and are thrilled to have been able to turn your suggestion into reality.

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