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8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

Saving Lives with the Power of Data

At ESO every presentation, every conference, starts with our mission statement. It's only proper we do that here, 

“Improving Community Health and Safety Through The Power of Data”

Our mission isn't merely a statement, it's our guiding principle. At ESO, we collaborate with first responders, including firefighters, paramedics, physicians, and nurses. Our collective passion unites us as we strive to assist others in their time of need. Recently, a customer shared with me the profound impact of our work, providing a heartening reminder.

I learned about a customer who utilized a report I created on opioid use, leveraging Sisense as the foundation for our self-service reporting platform. This report played a crucial role in addressing opioid overdoses, emphasizing the urgent need for medical intervention, such as the administration of Narcan.

While Narcan rapidly reverses the effects of an overdose, it is not a standalone treatment. With a quick drug half-life of 30-80 minutes, patients are at risk of a recurrence of overdose and respiratory depression. The challenge lies in patients feeling better after receiving Narcan, often underestimating the severity of their condition. Consequently, they may refuse transport to a hospital for further treatment, leading to a potential relapse into overdose, and respiratory failure.

Therefore, it is imperative to track and follow up with these individuals. Our self-service reporting platform, powered by Sisense, enabled an EMS agency to generate a report tracking such refusals. By combining insights from both the opioid and refusal reports, they identified individuals at the highest risk. This empowered the agency to administer additional treatments, mitigating the risk of mortality from overdose.

This exemplifies how the power of data can enhance community safety and combat the harmful effects of the opioid epidemic. Self-service analytics play a pivotal role, allowing customers to leverage quality data and adapt pre-built reports to address use cases previously unforeseen. Putting the power of data into everyone's hands enables better decision-making, ultimately influencing how we approach pre-hospital care.

I feel privileged to contribute, in my own way, to helping those grappling with the opioid epidemic and providing our first responders with the data they need to save lives. Witnessing the tangible impact we can have on others is incredibly rewarding. To fellow data analysts, remember that the significance of your work can extend beyond what you might realize. Be proud of your contributions, and continue using data to improve our world.


jcordell_0-1701883872293.pngAshton Woiwood
Data Analyst @ ESO
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