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True dashboard interaction among viewers

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Hi everyone! 
I am currently looking into the overall topic of dashboard interaction and I was wondering how other SiSense users facilitate true dashboard interaction among viewers of a dashboard (feedback loops, comments, discussion)?

- Viewer A is looking at new insights that are presented in a specific dashboard. A notices an interesting development (e.g a drop in a line chart) and would like to add some context insights to this drop. A wants to share the insights via a comment or an annotation that refers to the specific data point/development.

- Viewer B recognizes the drop as well but has no additional context insights. B sees the annotation made by A and now has a better understanding of the development (or better said: one driver of the development)

Has anybody dealt with a similar use case and implemented something that goes in this direction (e.g via a custom Blox Widget)?


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9 - Travel Pro


Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Hi Yannick,


This is a great use case!

We think that adding a comment feed is a great way for users to share their insights.

I recommend you look at the following Sisense certified (free) plugin:


The Sisense Comments add-on enables you to add a comment box within the Sisense dashboard using the iFrame widget.

Comment boxes provide a platform for annotation and social collaboration allowing viewers to discuss your visualizations.


Let me know if this help,