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How Sisense Helped Mytonomy Leverage Its Viewership Data

As a software company focused on video-based patient education and engagement, Mytonomy is always looking for ways to improve our product in the competitive healthcare market. Our wholly-owned content studio produces videos and written assets for our robust library of content, and our software platform ensures that patients are presented with the most relevant educational material available. For both these areas, we continuously collect large amounts of data on patient education assignments, viewership patterns, and more. However, restricted by limited resources and needing to focus on new features for our platform product, our engineering team was unable to focus on the analytics and data visualization needs of our customers. 

This is where Sisense came into the picture. Sisense was selected by Mytonomy as a data visualization product that could be embedded into our existing platform, providing a seamless experience to our customers. Given that Mytonomy works in the healthcare industry, it was also necessary to use a HIPAA-compliant product like Sisense to maintain security for our health system customers.

We began our implementation by creating Elasticubes from our existing data warehouse and building dashboards for an internal audience first. After some fine-tuning, we set out to replace our internally built widgets with Sisense’s embedded dashboard functionality. We were impressed by the versatility and features that Sisense offered with their Web Access Token (WAT) framework and chose WAT as the best way to embed dashboards into our platform. WAT helps us publish common dashboards to all customers while also enforcing data security and authorizing requirements.

Since this was a novel implementation for us, we ran into several questions during development that required additional assistance and had no trouble finding the help we needed. Often the solution to an issue could be found in the growing and informative Sisense Community forum. Additionally, the Sisense official support team was accommodating and helpful, usually responding within a few hours with a deep knowledge of the product and providing actionable solutions.

Since going live with Sisense’s embedded dashboards, the client reception has been exceptional. Along with the standard embedded dashboards for all customers, we have easily created custom dashboards and widgets to suit each client’s more specific needs. Sisense has helped Mytonomy, and our customers, to understand usage patterns and fine-tune our patient engagement algorithms. More recently, Mytonomy has begun utilizing several other Sisense features to enhance our product, like enabling Pulse alerts to keep us aware of possible issues and automatically emailing dashboards to stakeholders on a set schedule. We have used it to conduct various root cause analyses, help customers find their ROI and justify their investment in Mytonomy, and identify trends – both positive and negative – so that appropriate action can be taken. Overall, Sisense has greatly enhanced Mytonomy’s product while providing clients with data insights that would not otherwise be available. 

About the Author:

Zach Williams is the Senior Software Engineer for Integrations at Mytonomy. He has worked with Sisense since his start at Mytonomy and is the go-to resource for Sisense at Mytonomy.