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Status: New Idea

Sisense does not currently offer the ability to easily freeze the top row of a pivot table, similar to what most spreadsheet applications offer.

Prior community questions on this topic (such as advise a workaround by manually disabling the Auto Height feature for the pivot table widget, then reducing the height of the pivot table until a widget-level scroll bar appears. 

This solution only works for a very specific use case, and losing the ability for the widget to dynamically resize when populated with different sizes of datasets and/or when applying dashboard-level filters makes it less tenable. For example, if a widget is manually resized so that the header is visible when scrolling for 50+ rows of data, the widget will stay the same height if a filter is applied that reduces the dataset to 15 rows.

We'd like to see if there is a way to easily freeze the header row of a pivot table while preserving the ability for the widget to automatically resize based on the amount of data. Ideally this would be a checkbox or other easily accessible widget-level setting.


Yes!  I was just wishing for this the other day.  As the OP noted, this is a pretty standard sort of feature in BI applications, and shouldn't require writing additional "code" to implement.

Yes, we recently got a similar question if this was possible. It would be nice to have!