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8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

Every now and then, a deal comes along that sounds too good to be true. But sometimes it is true.

Twice a year, Dresner Advisory Services, arguably the top analyst firm following the business intelligence (BI) and analytics market, conducts a sweeping survey to understand key user trends, attitudes, and intentions about various market trends and related vendors, including Sisense.  And they need your input.

The survey, located here, should take approximately 15 minutes. It will be open through March 31, but we urge you to take it as soon as possible. You do not need to answer all questions – just the ones related to BI and analytics (in other words: it’s fine to ignore the ones that have nothing to do with you). Also, since Dresner recognizes the importance of privacy, your responses will be anonymized. Neither you nor your company name will be identifiable in any way by the analysts or community at large.

In exchange for sharing your valuable time, Dresner will send you a copy of the findings when final, which should occur in the second or third quarter of the year. The research, which can cost thousands of dollars to purchase, will correspond to the areas of the survey where you provided input. Users who fill in more sections will receive more reports.

Dresner Advisory Services was founded in 2007 by former Gartner VP and Research Fellow Howard Dresner who is widely credited with coining the phrase “business intelligence.” The firm specializes in providing alternative perspectives on information management, BI, analytics, performance management, and related markets through its non-sponsored and crowd-sourced Wisdom of Crowds industry research.

Responses provided for the current survey are expected to advise upcoming Wisdom of Crowds flagship research drilling into aspects of BI and analytics, including the BI Market Study, Natural Language Analytics, Cloud Computing + BI, Data Catalog, Data Science and Machine Learning, Guided Analytics, and Self-Service BI and Analytics.

Sisense has fared well in this research in the past thanks in large part to positive input from its user community. Indeed, Sisense was named an overall leader in customer experience and a trusted leader in vendor credibility in the 2021 Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study from Dresner.

Since that last report, Sisense has made numerous moves that we hope customers appreciate. Early last year, we rebranded our entire product line around embedded analytics with our Sisense Fusion offerings. While general-purpose analytics remains an important part of our product set, the shift to going beyond the dashboard and infusing BI and analytics into applications and workflows is undeniable. Nobody wants to spend hours upon hours trying to find relevant information to advise strategic decisions. They just want it where and when they need it. In fact, 96% of organizations in a Harris Poll commissioned by Sisense believe their customers are interested in having AI-driven insights that can provide actionable, personalized intelligence in the context of their activity. Sisense is enabling this way of working through its Fusion platform.

Last summer, we also announced our new Sisense Extense Framework and a series of Infusion Applications for embedding BI and Analytics capabilities into productivity solutions, including Slack, Salesforce, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

And later in the year, we announced Sisense Notebooks, a new code-first functionality within Sisense Fusion Analytics that empowers data analysts with the tools they need to conduct advanced analysis using Structured Query Language (SQL) and Python. Notebooks takes a code-first approach to help infuse insights and scale the decision-making across the enterprise, creating a powerful partnership between business users and analysts.

None of last year’s innovation would have come about without input from our users and industry analysts. In fact, your input to these strategic advisors helps inform their opinions and ultimately shapes the kind of advice they give vendors for future product development. We would truly appreciate your participation, therefore, in this important Dresner survey. Thank you in advance for your support.