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Sisense Add-ons are a great way to get more value from Sisense, by adding new visualization types, features, and customizing the user experience. According to our analytics, we have a rather stable pattern of add-on usage in terms of which ones our customers are using the most. 

We’ve looked at our add-on usage data from the past year and compiled a list of the top 10 add-ons that our customers are using in 2021. Below you will find this list, with links to learn more and download each add-on.

Explore the top 10 below, and see if there are any you want, never knew about, or think you can use in your implementation.

top 10 addons updated.png

#1 Jump to Dashboard 

This add-on is useful for presenting additional information about specific series on demand by jumping across dashboards without the need to present all of the data in a single dashboard. It is no wonder it is in our customer’s number one spot for add-ons. 

Available for free in the Add-Ons Marketplace here.

#2 BloX

Create custom actionable analytic applications with an easy-to-use interface to expose and access many API capabilities directly in the Sisense UI. Templates are available as well. 

Available for free in the Add-Ons Marketplace here.


#3 Visualize Queries (Jaqline)

Provides a visualization of the queries a widget performs towards an ElastiCube. Use this add-on to understand which tables participate in the query, relationships between the columns, and troubleshoot by displaying many-to-many relationships and the possible causes of slow query performance. 

Available for free in the Add-Ons Marketplace here.


#4 Widgets Tabber

Use this add-on to switch between views easily and quickly without changing the dashboard. See more screenshots in the Marketplace.

Available for free in the Add-Ons Marketplace here.

#5 Accordion

Provide large amounts of information within a limited dashboard space with the Accordion add-on. 

Available for free in the Add-Ons Marketplace here.

#6 Aggregated Table

Extend the functionality of the table widget by supporting aggregation across the whole table.

Available for free in the Add-Ons Marketplace here.

#7 Funnel Widget

Create funnel charts that can show stages in a cycle (like a sales cycle). This add-on let’s you format the chart by inverted, dynamic, pinch at the bottom, and curved. Also good for identifying problems in a process. 

Please note, the funnel widget has been included out of the box in Sisense for Linux starting from version 2021.1. However, this add-on is still available and valuable for Windows and older versions.

Available for free in the Add-Ons Marketplace here.


#8 Switchable Dimension

This add-on allows you to provide several views of your data like categories, values, rows, columns or any other dimension that exists in a widget. 

Available for free in the Add-Ons Marketplace here.

#9 Histogram Widget

Use this add-on to create plot charts that lets you discover, and show, the underlying frequency distribution (shape) of a set of continuous data. Really useful when data is grouped into ranges/bins so you can plot them as bars. 

Available for free in the Add-Ons Marketplace here.


#10 Filtered Measure

The Filtered Measure add-on makes it possible to create additional selection states. This means that you’re able to show two (or more) different sets of selections in a single widget.

Available for free in the Add-Ons Marketplace here.

How to get add-ons

These are all official add-ons that are tested and supported by Sisense. Each one has its own page in the Sisense Add-on Marketplace with the current documentation on what it is and how to use it.

Most of these are pre-packaged and pre-installed with the Sisense Linux version. So if you are using the Linux version of Sisense, you can enable them via the admin panel. 

  • For admins: go to the admin screen as shown below and enable  the desired add-ons
  • For end-users:  if you are unable to use one of the aforementioned add-ons, contact your Sisense administrator to find out if the add-on can be installed or enabled


For more information about installing and managing Sisense add-ons, visit our product documentation.

Interested in building your own Add-ons?

Any web developer can build their own Sisense Add-ons, thanks to our flexible add-on framework. Add-ons are built using JavaScript, using a variety of APIs provided by Sisense in order to interact with different parts of the application.

To learn more about developing your own add-ons, visit the add-on documentation on our developer portal.

Using an add-on not on the list? Share! We have a dedicated add-on label in each of our discussion forums for active user collaboration. Click here to start a new discussion. For maximum visibility, we recommend titling your post: Add-On: (INSERT NAME).

And if you still have questions, or need more, leave a comment here, and we will respond to you.

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