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Question regarding multi node build

In the linux server, if we use multi servers, we want to build the cubes in one server and copy to the other serving nodes and attach the cubes. We were doing it by copying the data folder in the Windows environment previously. Now we are upgrading i...

Stop Sisense Services Multi-node Linux

Hi,What the best way to stop Sisense from running in a multi-Node environment? We actually want to stop all the EC's and Live connectors from building/accessing the databases.On WindowsIcould easily stop this, but on Linux this is new for me.Any help...

Wishaal by 7 - Data Storage
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Preserving YTD after date filter applied

Hi, We are facing this. We have a pivot table with shows the total amount of a metric and the running sum form the begining of the year (YTD). This is working fine: Then, we want to apply a filter based on the date column, to show just a couple of mo...

jirazazabal_0-1675083680442.png jirazazabal_1-1675083814038.png

Tabber Widget

I am attempting to connect a tabber widget to my data. The Sisense documentation on Tabber is from 2019 and appears to be out of date. It says that it is a plug in and needs to be downloaded and installed. On my end it appears in the drop down for wi...

hkoerner by 7 - Data Storage
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Ranking by top 10 in Widget

I have a dashboard widget that displays a Column Chart. I only want to show the top 10 highest amounts within the chart and also rank from highest to lowest (left to right). I added a filter and brought in the data that I want to rank by. It pulled i...

hkoerner by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Font color change

Hi team, I want to change the text styling of the widget in bar and scatter chart.I am using the below script. It works fine for me however, I am unable to change the color of the font here.Script: widget.on('ready', function(se, ev){ _.each($("text"...


Pivot table with Customer input

Hi Team, I am looking to create a pivot where where I would like to have input from the user in one of the fields as a feedback form.Please see the screenshot attached.Here, I want to take the input in the last columns in the screenshot below. Any he...


Resolved! Script to hide specific values from chart

I have a line chart with two metrics. I want to show the value of the first metric and hide the value of the second metric by default. Can someone help with a script to achieve this?

BIQ by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Button to refresh widget connected to Live Cube

Is there a script I can apply to widgets to that will create a widget specific refresh button? Context: I have a dashboard with a lot of widgets connected to a live cube. I'd like users to be able to make edits to the source, return to the dashboard ...

BIQ by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Get All User Alerts via API

When authenticated as the sys-admin I'm unable to get results for ALL user alerts via the API.I'm able to get a list of the alerts associated with the admin user profile but not for other users.I've tried using both the web application API directory ...

Complete List of All Folders in Sisense

Is there a way to get a full list of folders? I am are using the /folders API, but this only pulls information for folders that I own. I do have admin access to our Sisense instance and am looking to be able to retrieve the folder IDs and folder name...

jmn3 by 9 - Travel Pro
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