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Add row numbers to pivot rows

We have on a dashboard a pivot with a single row grouping value but many rows and many columns. For the readability of the pivot, I'd like to provide my user with row numbers that don't move when the sorting of the pivot is changed. (So the first row...

cube falling automation

Hi All,I need your help to understand if there is any way I can re-trigger the build automatically in case of failure. we are using a building cube every24hrs and we can't minimise the frequency below, in case of any failure we need to intervene manu...

av82944 by 7 - Data Storage
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example using SUM() function in a widget formula

The documentation around Sisense functions is really poor; especially when it comes to examples with a function.Can anyone give me a couple examples of using SUM() in a widget formula?Example, I have a pivot table with column A containing integers. A...

bminehart by 9 - Travel Pro
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Jump To Dashboard Exclude multiples filter syntax

Would like to exclude multiple columns in a pivot table as filters in a jump to dashboard. We are using the syntax below in a widget script on the dashboard that we are jumping from, but there is an issue and the filters are not being excluded. We bu...

Resolved! nulls to 0 in pivot

I am trying to get nulls in a pivot to show as 0's, which seems like it should be very basic built in functionality. I have tried If's, case's, and jquery scripts and nothing seems to work. I can do this at the SQL level buy I am trying to count in t...

zach_myt by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Scheduling system

I am looking for a program that can integrate both google sheets and Salesforce together. My main objective is to find an Artificial Intelligence tool that can make a schedule for a film studio based on the info we have provided from the Google sheet...

jakewhite by 7 - Data Storage
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Live Model slow despite filtering

SUMMARY:My Live Model is slow. Source data is big, but a dashboard filter picks just one item, so I think it can be fast. This feels like a common use case for a Live Model.DETAIL:My dashboard is based on a live model that queries SQL Server. The use...

Tim by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Get list of all dashboards/cubes from REST API

I am trying to come up with an automated way to document which of our users and groups have access to which dashboards and cubes. Using the REST API, I was pulling a list of elasticubes using the /v1/elasticubes/getElasticubes endpoint and a list of ...

mattmca by 9 - Travel Pro
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How to create a new column with percentiles?

In Sisense, I'm looking for a way to create a new column in a table, with percentile values of a different column.I am open to design suggestions/approach. What the best way to accomplish this.Such that: 1. Have a filter created on percentile values ...

leo82 by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Exporting to PDF

Hi All,I was wondering if anyone could help. I want to create a report from a dashboard. I am adding in text in the form of box along with charts and tables and have a few questions on formatting.I want to have an A4 document but every time I try and...

Disable minimum zoom for scatter map

I am using scatter map widget to show multiple points on widget. I want to support minimum zoom on scatter map. Right now after zooming out widget shows three world maps. Is there any way I can change it show just one word map?