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"Where" Function

Can the "where" function be used in a lookup formula to limit the rows looked at to only result in values that are not null or only a specific value or partial value? I am attempting to use a lookup formula, where the value being used to look up appe...

Format data labels

By default, the format of all data labels in a widget is the same. So sometimes its bit difficult to identify which data label is belongs to which series/legend. We can use below script to set background color of data label same as series/legend and ...

harikm007 by 12 - Data Integration
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Lookup Limited to Rows without a Null Value

Is there a method or formula to use a lookup, but only obtain the first instance that has a real value, and not a null (n/a) value? In addition, is there an explanation manual available of formulas which a person with no IT skills can use to understa...

Lookup Formulas referencing one table

Lookup([RaaS_CurrentStaffingReport 1],[Last Hire Date],[Sisense Employee Number],[Employee Number]) Is it possible to use a lookup formula to find and show data within the same table? If not, what would the correct formula be? The above shows no data...

Adding a column with no aggregation

Hi Sisense community I have imported an excel sheet into my elasticube data model and would like to display the columns in the excel sheet in a pivot table in a widget. I do not want to aggregate the values from the Excel sheet using SUM() or COUNT()...

amelia by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Jump to Dashboard - Date filter is added twice

I'm using the Jump to Dashboard plugin and am seeing an issue where one of the filters is appearing twice in the drill down dashboard. The drill down dashboard does not have a date filter on it to begin with. The parent dashboard does have a date fie...

cglowe by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Pie Chart - Exploding Pie

When creating a pie chart you'd sometimes want to emphasize the difference between pie slices by displaying an "exploding effect" based on the pie values.This will be performed by teaching Sisnese a new visualization known as a "variable pie" Apply t...

Ophir_Buchman_0-1653547136278.png Ophir_Buchman_1-1653547150927.png 83227784_3726975083979609_8570336295451099136_n[1].jpg

Resolved! PREV query getting error

Hi Sisense community, My goal here is to calculate the total number of subscriptions churned between the current week and the last 4 weeks. However, I am getting an error that says there is an issue querying the data model - would anyone be able to a...

amelia by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Max # of columns in source table

I am working on importing a flat file (CSV) with a large number of columns (~350) into an elasticube. When I go to build the cube, even when only using a small number of sample rows, I get an error that says "Memory allocation has failed for . Please...

mattmca by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Folder Organization - Moving Dashboards

Is there a way to drag/drop or move dashboards from one folder to another? During development, multiple folders were created different developers and I want to condense all dashboards into one nice logical file structure. I don't see ability to drag ...

ElementUX by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Custom code fails to build

Hi all, We created custom code in one of our elasticubes. However, after a week it fails, usually with the following error: "timestamp": "2022-05-24T06:00:31.697Z","verbosity": "Error","type": "buildEnded","message": "Failed to build custom code tabl...

ScheurK by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Waterfall Chart to show values on top of each bar

Hey, I have converted Column chart into Waterfall chart using the script provided in Sisense Community. Now my concern is the values are not showing in an appropriate manner, I need the value to be displayed on top of the each bar, and negative value...

Manjusha_0-1653378934773.png Manjusha_0-1653378628821.png
Manjusha by 7 - Data Storage
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