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Bubble Chart Limiting

Hello, Is there a way to limit the number of bubbles displayed to only show a subset surrounding the selected data point?

JoshG by 7 - Data Storage
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convert date time field to UTC format

Hello,I need some help around converting the date field column.I have a Customer response table coming from Redshift. The date time field is originally stored in UTC format.But when pulling it into Sisense, it is displaying in local timezone.I wanted...

lak by 7 - Data Storage
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2 events tied together by date filter

I have 2 type of data tables: assignments and completions. I want to perform the following formula.(# assigned_completions + # unassigned_completions) / (# assignments + # unassigned_completions)My elasticube has assignments and completions as differ...

zach_myt by 9 - Travel Pro
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Blox - Detailed List - pdf report only showing 1 page

Running version Version: have created a Blox widget based on the Detailed List template.It is the only widget on the dashboard.When viewed in the browser it displays many records. However when choosing the pdf report it only produces 1...

All days in date not working

I have a count of unique values and use (value,ALL(days_in_date)) function but is still being affected by my blox date filter. I need a way to calculate an all time formula for one column that is not affected by the date filter. Any ideas?This is wha...

zach_myt_0-1695157085200.png zach_myt_4-1695157276120.png zach_myt_3-1695157209455.png
zach_myt by 9 - Travel Pro
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Expand Widget to full size as viewer

We are running version: we seem to be missing a very vital function of expanding the widgets to full size, is this a plugin I need to get our admins to switch on or is it a limitation of our version?

GROWTH functions for indicators

Hi,I'm computing for change in metrics from period to period. For example, what's the pct change in sales from 2022 to 2023. Question 1: If data is only available until March 23 2023, will Growth functions compare 2023 data with 2022 data only until ...

Filter by Measure on clicking

Hi Team,I have a requirement where I have to filter by clicking on the bar chart and filter by the measure (value) and not the categories.For example:In the column chart below, when I click on the first bar, which has 876 number of ID's, I want other...


API Rate Limiting Clarification

Hello, I'm currently working with your API and I wanted to clarify the rate limiting policy. The documentation mentions a rate limit of X requests per minute, but I'm not certain if this applies to all endpoints or if there are different limits for s...

1_nBXfm6BcTvyfPf0f9MJ_-Q (1).jpg
tanu500 by 7 - Data Storage
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Can't find provisioner

Hi,I want to install Sisense using the Provisioner as described here:https://docs.sisense.com/main/SisenseLinux/installing-sisense-using-provisioner-and-helm.htm?tocpath=Sisense%20Self%20Deployment%7CInstalling%20and%20Uninstalling%7C_____11#Toinstal...