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9 - Travel Pro

Step into the Future of Analytics with Sisense! 

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, standing out goes beyond just understanding your audience—it requires seamlessly integrating that understanding into every facet of your digital storefront. I'm excited to reveal in this cool demo how Sisense's Compose SDK is revolutionizing this integration, marking a pivotal shift from the traditional and restrictive "Embedded BI" limited paradigm to a more integrated approach in bringing analytics into apps!

Our demo application, ShopSense, showcases the potential of embedding analytics directly into your app, customized to meet your unique needs. This method allows sellers to interact with their data and customers through a fluent user experience, turning actionable insights into a core component of the decision-making process. It's a transformative change that utilizes every digital interaction as an opportunity for growth, making the analytics experience as nimble and dynamic as the e-commerce landscape itself.

The entirety of this demonstration—from floating analytics cards to widgets and generative AI experiences—is entirely powered by our innovative API. This grants you, the creator, the flexibility to either utilize our pre-built components or craft your own, leveraging our Compose SDK and powerful data query engine.

Step beyond the outdated method of merely embedding analytics in your app through iFrames, which often results in a bolt-on, non-native experience, raises security concerns and offers limited customization options. With Sisense and our Compose SDK, we envision analytics that naturally blend into your application, providing insights precisely when and where you need them, and seamlessly bridging the gap between insights and actions, in context. 📊💡

As we lead this new era, I invite you to explore how these cutting-edge features can revolutionize the analytics experience within your application, joining many customers who already utilize the Compose SDK to develop their next-gen solutions that seamlessly merge data, insight, and action.

This is your chance to enter the future of business intelligence with Sisense. Visit our Sisense website today to learn more! Leave a comment with your thoughts and questions, we are eagerly waiting to chat with you!