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How to Design Better Dashboards: A Visual Guide

Learn how visual elements work together with examples of two dashboards created from the same data set, one with poor design choices, the second with optimized readability for actionable insights.


Sisense BloX 2.0: Activate Your Dashboard

Learn about Sisense Blox 2.0 and how you can create BloX widgets with different UX flow and different purposes with advanced exporting options such as generating an iFrame embed code, a direct URL, an...


Data Model Development Using Jinja

Here we explain data models and how DBT queries with a combination of SQL and a templating language called Jinja turn DBT projects into a programming environment for SQL.


Building a Better Developer Documentation Portal

The first part of a two-part article that helps developers rebuild and understand the requirements of a developer portal and build a developer portal with developers in mind.


Sisense and Adobe: Custom Analytics + Custom Visuals

Make valuable insights accessible in Salesforce to boost productivity and adoption of analytics, without jumping to a separate dashboard, by following this tutorial that shows how to embed a Sisense d...


Must-Have AI Features for Your App

AI components should be part of any product and app and will transform your products in surprising and ingenious ways. Read about some breakthroughs and use cases in AI and Machine Learning in Cyberse...


Discussion Posting Tips

Are you interested in starting a discussion or sharing your expertise but are not sure how to get started? Here are a few tips to leverage: Make it personal Don’t just ask a question. Share why you ar...


Ranks and Badges

Discover how you can earn ranks and digital badges and meet our community puppy, Scout.


Community FAQs

Access solutions to the most commonly asked community platform questions. This list will be updated as applicable.


Welcome to Sisense Community!

The Sisense Community strives to create a self-service environment for customers to collaborate and find solutions to their business needs.

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