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Seamless, personalized experiences are stickier experiences. If you’re looking to drive up product adoption and usage, personalization can be a key way to do that. Though there are many places in the user journey where you can add personalization, it’s important to keep in mind the role that look and feel play in communicating your brand to your consumers. Users feel your product first through the visual medium, and consistent branding will keep them more deeply engaged.

This becomes even more critical when integrating third-party software, like embedded analytics, into your application. Without the flexibility to customize and personalize the look and feel of the third-party application to match your application and requirements, you end up with a disjointed experience that could cost you customers and end users.

Introducing Sisense Themes

In Q2 2020, we released Sisense UI customization, which enables you to change the Sisense look and feel through a drag-and-drop, point-and-click interface. It allows you to easily change background colors, fonts, and more to deliver a seamless experience to your end users and customers.

Sisense Themes takes the Sisense UI Customization capability further by enabling you to personalize how users experience Sisense at a more granular level, so you can create truly custom analytics. Each customer, tenant, or group of users gets a unique experience that suits their needs. 

What is Sisense Themes?

Sisense Themes enables you to create multiple, named configuration combinations of Sisense UI Customization options in an easy-to-use, point-and-click experience. More importantly, you can assign each theme to groups of users to deliver a personalized experience: When a user accesses Sisense, they’ll see their own unique look and feel configuration. 


Another important capability that Sisense Themes provides is the flexibility for parameterized dynamic theme updates in embedded dashboards and widgets via any of the Sisense embedding methods (Embed SDK, iframes, or Sisense.JS) for a completely custom, integrated embedded analytics application and solution. With Embed SDK and Sisense.JS, you can also dynamically change the active theme, not just apply it as a pre-set. The theme parameter will override any system/group-level theme selection (even if it was not assigned to the user groups/tenants specifically by admin). You can also change the theme with the theme parameter at the end of a Sisense URL.


Apply Themes via Sisense embedding methods

Sisense Themes comes with light and dark out-of-the-box themes that can be duplicated and edited for a quick start! 

You can also embed dashboards or widgets with a theme rapidly with the embed code generators’ new Theme option.


Embed code generator

Sisense Themes can also be managed by a full suite of REST APIs for scaling and automation.


Full REST APIs support

Let’s break this down and explore two use cases.

Use case example: User group or customer-level theme

In an embedded analytics for your customers (OEM) scenario, you might be delivering analytics to 15 customers, and each customer might require a different branded experience. With Sisense Themes, you can build 15 custom themes that can be applied to the appropriate customer. This provides a completely seamless experience for the customer when they are accessing analytics in the host application. 


The same logic can also be applied to groups or teams within an organization, especially if you are embedding Sisense into an internal application with a certain look and feel. For example, the HR portal might be in a dark mode while the marketing portal is in a pastel mode!

Use case example: Parameterized dynamic application of Themes

In another scenario, you might want to give users in the application into which you are infusing analytics the power to choose a theme for themselves. Sisense Themes allows you to build the integrated application in such a way that it will dynamically change the themes of the embedded Sisense dashboards based on the theme selected in the host application. This provides maximum flexibility for developers integrating analytics into the host application where they do not have to pre-configure group-based themes settings.

Delivering seamless and personalized analytics solutions

Whether you choose to deliver analytics as a standalone product or service, or you infuse them into your application, your analytics product should function as a seamless extension of your customers’ preferences or the unique visual story you have built for each of them.

By personalizing the look and feel of your analytic application, you deliver a stickier user experience! Whether you are embedding analytics into your own application or delivering them as white-labeled analytics, Sisense empowers you to put analytics where you need them and make them look and work the way you want — without having to build them from scratch. Work smarter, not harder, with Sisense Themes.

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