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The Sisense Q2 2021 product release is packed with exciting innovations and enhancements that offer users a more extensible experience when it comes to analytics. Infusing intelligence everywhere is where Sisense shines, which is why in Q2 we’ve invested in bringing you Infusion Apps that leverage our brand new Extense Framework along with other features that allow you to explore new dimensions of your data.

Evolve your workflows with Infusion Apps

Infusion Apps, built using our Sisense Extense Framework, help you transcend your organization’s day-to-day reliance on dashboards. With Sisense Infusion Apps, everyone can connect analytics directly to their applications like Slack, Salesforce, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and more putting actionable intelligence in the right place at the right time, every time. Learn more about the new Sisense Extense Framework and Infusion Apps here.

Layer additional dimensions onto analysis by adding images to pivot tables. This provides a visual representation of products or brands and delivers a richer experience. There’s no limit to the types of data you can fuse together in Sisense. Images within your pivot tables can help provide better context for the rest of the data in your table.

Sisense Explanations deepens your understanding of your data

Dig deeper and explore additional dimensions of your analytics now with Sisense Explanations. Explanations originally debuted in Q4 of 2020 to provide customers with the ability to identify factors in their data that contribute significantly to changes in data over a period of time. Now, users can select other factors besides the ones that are automatically highlighted by the system, allowing them to understand how they influenced the data. AI-driven explanations will calculate and show the relative impact of the factors selected, giving users more control over their data and displaying correlations between different elements over time.

Optimize your cloud data warehouse cost forecasting

Improve your cost forecasting by setting limits on pivot tables queries for easier planning and governing cloud data warehouse usage. With the new query limits settings, you can cap all queries coming out of pivot tables, yet still maintain the user experience with faster loading dashboards.

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