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Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Your data holds intelligence that can reveal huge opportunities for your organization. But its complexity and variety mean it’s hard to make sense of it all and do something impactful with it. Sisense partners ensure that you can, by delivering the know-how you need to make the most of our analytics platform.

With their expertise, you can go beyond business intelligence to market disruption, by infusing intelligence at the right place and the right time, so you can unlock untapped potential. And the relationship they build with you ensures that you receive support that specifically meets your needs.

Sisense is dedicated to achieving unmatched customer satisfaction and driving business value for customers. Our visionary product combined with our partners’ support, is changing analytics for some of the world’s top companies. Together, it’s a combination that will transform how you work, and will accelerate your growth and success.

Why choose an Implementation Partner?

As a valued Sisense customer, your success is our primary focus. We have learned from our customers that conflicting priorities, limited data expertise or resources can get in the way of successfully achieving your analytics project goals. We can help you avoid these pitfalls by leveraging our highly skilled and knowledgeable Sisense-certified partners.

Customer Benefits

Some of the benefits our customers enjoy when working with our partners, include:

  • Vertical and data expertise: Leverage deep industry expertise to build a solution tailored for you, accelerate project delivery times and deliver better results.
  • Strong and long-term support: Partner engagement drives more meaningful value from the data platform, quicker resolution time for support issues, increased user adoption and a faster return on investment.
  • Force multiplier: Acting as a force multiplier to your internal teams, our partners can help you drive faster time to market, allowing you to focus on your strategic initiatives.
  • Extensive data solutions expertise: Benefit from Sisense partners’ comprehensive data strategy and architecture expertise, including data warehouse, ETL, data pipelines, data modeling,  preparation and cleansing.
  • Custom developments and enhancements: Customize Sisense to your brand and your specific needs.

Partners accredited to support you

All of our partners are accredited by the Sisense Implementation Partner Program. The program addresses the market demand for implementation and consulting services for the Sisense Data and Analytics Platform.

Assured expertise

The Implementation Partner Program offers a robust set of resources and training sessions for partners , including certification tracks, that enable them to develop deep product expertise and best practices, alongside their data strategy and technology integration expertise, and business consulting services. These resources qualify partners to provide you with the highest quality and fully-approved support for your data and analytics requirements.


Our partners are tiered by a certification level. Partners gain bronze, silver and gold certificates determined by their levels of technical training and hands-on experience with Sisense customer projects.

How do our partners help customers?

Implementation partners help Sisense customers make the most of the Sisense technology. Using Sisense implementation best practices, concepts and techniques, partners guide customers through the data modeling, dashboard design, embedding and customization processes to create meaningful business insights.

Building trust and adding value

There’s a relationship of trust between every partner, Sisense and our mutual customers. Sisense appreciates the unique added value that partners can bring to our customers especially in specific industry expertise, local languages and more.

What customers say

Here is what some of our customers have to say about working with partners:

“I don’t know what we would have done if it weren’t

for our partner and their ongoing support. At any

point in time you know that the whole team is there,

and they are just very easy to work with.”

David Anastas | Director of Research , BPD Advertising


"They have been extremely helpful in teaching and

explaining techniques and they have delivered some

very useful dashboards and widgets that will be

used throughout the organization."

Jeffrey D. Schad | Chief Executive Officer, Snaptitehose

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