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Advanced Configuration Control via API Calls

Frequently, there are situations when a user is required to change some Sisense parameters when access is not available due to a wrong configuration, or it is required to automate switching of some configuration settings of Sisense. All can be made with API calls.

In this example, we will enable and disable Audit logs via the API in the Linux version of Sisense.

1. On the configuration page in Sisense GUI, open the developer's console, edit and save the new configuration.

2. All the API information is in the Network tab in the Payload field:


3. Find the URL to which the call should be sent. For the configuration page, it is: http://your_site:30845/app/configuration/configurations/system/list

4. Use a Postman or a similar tool to create a correct API call.

Additional information is available on the Using the REST API | Sisense Developers page. In this use case, take the output from the developer's console. Please note that there are no quotation marks before and after the base and auditLog.enabled objects, but quotation marks should be included in the correct API call payload. For example, {"base": {"auditLog.enabled":true}} or {"base": {"auditLog.enabled":false}}.

5. Run the script. 

In the below screenshot, there is an example of a proper Postman configuration that will disable the audit logs using an API call:






Based on this example,  it is possible to adapt almost every configuration parameter in Sisense using API calls. API calls can be very useful when automating actions in Sisense, for “reviving” Sisense in cases where the security settings are configured incorrectly, or in cases when the Sisense GUI is not available.

If you need additional help, please contact Sisense Support

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