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Report Manager: Error notification alerts not send

8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

Sisense report manager doesn't send alerts when a scheduled report fails to run. In recent errors we had an issue where Sisense report manager hung on scheduled reports in running state. The support team was able to deploy a hotfix to resolve that issue but I was puzzled why in this case when they were hung running for a long time and one point they also errored, but we didn't get an alert notification.

We have set the report to send error notification as indicated in this screenshot below. Does anyone else have experienced this same error and what was done to resolve it? I will open a support ticket but I wanted to check here first. When should I expect to get error notification?

I would like to build something in case scheduled reports dont finish successfully and I was under the impression this send error notification feature should be the one to send me alerts.

Any thoughts? 

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