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Month filter dependent on Calendar date filter

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage


I have 2 date filters on my dashboard that are coming from the same dimension and column. One is calendar date and another is Months.


I want the Month filter to be dependent on the Date filter so that it displays months (list option) only within the date range selected in Date filter. 
eg. If calendar date is selected as '1 Oct 2022' to '17 Mar 2023', the Month filter will list all the months between these two dates i.e. Oct 2022, Nov 2022, Dec 2022, Jan 2023, Feb 2023, Mar 2023.

Currently it shows all the months that we have in our data which is not desirable. 


As I can see, creating a dependent filter on Calendar Date is not supported. (It only works if I turn the Calendar filter into background filter which I don't want to do since the user should be able to change the date selection as per their wish.)


Is there a way to achieve this by some workaround? Perhaps using widget script or advance filter capability?