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Elasticube has no data. Please rebuild the Elasticube

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

Has anyone run into the error "Elasticube has no data. Please rebuild the Elasticube" on the Sisense Server Console after attempting to open a dashboard with Pivot table widgets? This is happening on only one of our elasticubes and not every time we try to open our dashboards but most of the time. When we see this error in the Server Console we notice the dashboard load will just keep spinning and eventually time out. If we refresh the dashboard sometimes it will load and other times we get the same problem where the dashboard will not finish and the server console presents that error. If anyone has faced this and can help I would appreciate it (Currently have a ticket in and awaiting support). 


11 - Data Pipeline
11 - Data Pipeline

I've seen this happen, mostly when I've been throwing giant pivots with lots and lots of data and/or complicated filters at an Elasticube. If I see the error in the (Windows) Server Console, detaching and re-attaching the cube folder will tend to fix it at least temporarily but (following advice I've heard myself often enough from Sisense Support) I would review my Pivots and Elasticube Schema so they are not presenting or having to query too much data