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Customizing widget tooltips to include the full form of a value

Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

When formatting your widgets you might choose to display values using K/M/B/T abbreviations. When doing so, the corresponding tooltips display the values in the same format. In case you want to show the full-form number, use the following dashboard script:

// The number of decimal places to round to (Example: 2 means 100.1234 rounds to 100.12)
const decimalPlaces = 2

// Add the thousands devider (Example: true means 12345 is displayed as 12,345)
const addThounsandSeperator = true

function is_numeric(str){
return /^\d+$/.test(str);

function numberWithCommas(x) {
x = x.toString();
var pattern = /(-?\d+)(\d{3})/;
while (pattern.test(x))
x = x.replace(pattern, "$1,$2");

return x;

dashboard.on('widgetready', function(dash,widget) {
// Ignore pie & BloX charts
if (widget.widget.type === 'chart/pie' || widget.widget.type === 'BloX') return;

widget.widget.on('beforedatapointtooltip', function(widget,data) {
// Round number
newValue = Math.round( data.context.pointScope.y * Math.pow(10,decimalPlaces)) / Math.pow(10,decimalPlaces);

// Add thousands seperator
if (addThounsandSeperator) newValueString = numberWithCommas(newValue)
else newValueString = newValue.toString()

// Add currency mark (if exists)
if (!is_numeric(data.context.points[0].value[0]))
newValueString = data.context.points[0].value[0] + newValueString

// Update the tooltip datasource
data.context.points[0].value = newValueString
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