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Webinar: Building Sisense Dashboards Accelerator

Discover the power of infused analytics and machine learning with Sisense. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process of building data-rich dashboards that can be embedded in any applicati...


Customer Feedback on Git Integration

Share your experience and shape the future of our Git integration feature. Discover how this powerful tool can streamline your workflow, improve collaboration, and boost productivity. Fill out the que...


Partner Guidelines

Here are our guidelines and rules for Partners using the Sisense Community. We've also included references and links to important information, and contact info if you have any more questions. Please a...


Winning with Sisense and Redshift

Sisense and Amazon are partners, which means Sisense can create compelling value for our customers, by delivering services that take advantage of the AWS technologies to solve important problems. Lear...


Building Data Models that Scale

It’s not enough that your data answers the questions you have today. You must build a data model that answers the questions your company will have tomorrow, and beyond. Learn how to build data models ...


How to (Re)Use dbt: Guiding Rapid MDS Deployments

Learn how off-the-shelf, open-source dbt packages make data modeling frictionless. The following is a guest post by Josh Hall, Full Stack Analytics Engineer at Untitled, a systems integrator that regu...


Partner Introduction Video - Meet Paldi

Paldi takes a data-driven approach to everything and loves working with companies to help them find the low hanging fruit that will scale their business. Fast.


The Art of Weaving Data Sources Together

Read this article to begin your data strategy, and begin building a data strategy with a strong data model that your users and stakeholders will appreciate and use as the foundation of their business ...

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