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Start Your Sisense Notebook

Learn how to use your Sisense Notebook starting from connecting your data sources to creating SQL and Python charts in Notebooks with SQL and Python examples.


Building with Blox: A Practical Introduction

Introduction to the Blox plugin in Sisense, starting with the most basic fundamentals. This article is intended to empower users to build confidence in the skills with Blox by introducing the core con...


Notebooks Product Roadmap

Type SQL, Get charts was just the beginning. Check out the roadmap planned for Sisense Fusion Notebooks over the next few quarters.


Top 5 Statistical Techniques in Python

Get the working knowledge of a variety of different statistical techniques to use on your non trivial data and you can take multiple approaches to get the best results for your challenge. Complete wit...


Data Model Development Using Jinja

Here we explain data models and how DBT queries with a combination of SQL and a templating language called Jinja turn DBT projects into a programming environment for SQL.

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