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Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Solve the Suck: Cold Food Delivery

If you read my previous blog, you will remember that we discussed a way that data can help make things in business not suck. What else sucks in our modern day? When you receive your food delivery and it’s cold. 

So what else can we solve with data... I've thought about what has changed over the last few years, such as how my family and friends leverage food delivery apps. I am sure I’m not alone when I say that food delivery services are not always the best experience– like when food is cold, or items have been delivered incorrectly, or even delivered way late. I think that the restaurants themselves are bearing the brunt of these challenges more than the actual delivery services/apps. For example, when my food is delivered wrong and I reach out to Uber Eats they are not losing money… they just are not paying the actual restaurant.  I think there are ways to use data to make that service better to avoid cold food or even to avoid repeat “bad offenders” (someone who just always complains about their food to get money back).

So how can Sisense help?

When a company uses Sisense they can set up trackers/reports to collect data that then can be used to create delivery radius that can correlate with high traffic times. This would allow the customers that are ordering food to only be able to do so within a reasonable distance during those high traffic times. 

In another scenario, companies can use the data pulled from Sisense reports to see what foods are being complained about the most often and could consider removing them completely from the mobile delivery menu. For example– when I order Pho through a delivery service app, it is assembled very differently than when I eat in a restaurant. My hunch is that those restaurants that serve Pho have the understanding that if it is delivered completely put together, it would be a mushy mess and leave their customer unsatisfied. Everyone knows that a pizza travels well, but those items that should be crispy just don’t. The steam from the food makes the crunchiness soggy and unappetizing.  This is why the food radius compared to the food is so important and can make a difference. 

And my last example with this data can show companies who are their ” repeat offenders”. If a customer is constantly complaining to customer service about their food, Sisense can help track this in a report so that the delivery service can track this user. This is a way that they can remove users from their service that are taking advantage of the platform. 

Sisense can companies leverage their data to provide a positive customer experience. 



With over 20 years in sales and business development, Jon Barrett is the VP of Sales for North America at Sisense. Known for leadership roles at ASLAN Training and ScanSource, Jon is a seasoned executive with a global perspective. Career highlights include leading successful sales teams, initiating European operations, and contributing to Sisense's mission of simplifying access to critical business insights.
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