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Status: New Idea

Current behavior of the Simply Ask feature doesn't support automatic saving of the modified NLQ model to the "*.dash" file. So you loose your development work after exporting the dashboard with already enabled and tuned "Simply Ask" to a "*.dash" file. After importing this dashboard back to Sisense the feature is automatically disabled. Also if a developer will enable it manually it starts running based on the "By Default" NLQ model. This forces to redo all the work on the model back again which is time consuming and not efficient.

We expect Sisense to consider in the future the development work on making this more convenient for a BI engineer. If a "Simply Ask" feature will be automatically enabled on an imported dashboard with a corrected model, it would be beneficial for dashboard deploy automation and will reduce unneeded additional manual work on setting up this feature again and again for different working environments for the same dashboard.