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The Pivot table Excel download behaviour was recently changed. Previously, merged cells from the pivot table on the dashboard view would persist in a downloaded Excel file. Now, rows are not merged and are simply duplicated (as with the csv download).

While there are some upsides to this, this is a change our users and customers have reacted negatively to, asking us to revert the change, which of course we are unable to do.

We would like the option back for a download which maintains pivot table cell merging, replicating the way these appear in the dashboard. 



I think you can do this by disabling the excel v2 engine in the configuration manager. Atleast that is how it worked for us

Unless you want to have both then I don't think that is possible


Thanks Hamza, that worked great!

Status changed to: Already in product

@DRay  maybe the "ask" here is that it's an option in the UI at download-time, or a setting in the dashboard or widget.  Rather than a server-side option that will affect all widgets on all dashboards.



Would the feature described by @dougnewton be a workable solution for you?

@DRay definitely. Giving the user control over whether to have cells merged / unmerged would be perfect, I've had users request both in the past, but the recent change to Excel export v2 caused some noise around that point particularly. I've switched it off for now on our instance as Hamzaj requested. Thanks.