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Status: New Idea

We would like to be able to dynamically aggregate different categories of data into a fewer number of categories to make the visualization and analysis of that data cleaner and more Viewer-friendly.

Example: I may have records of a color that I want to count on. I may have these possible values: "Red", "RED", "red", "Blue", "BLUE", "blue", "Orange", "ORANGE", "orange", and so on.

If I COUNT on these values I may get:

"Red": 10

"RED": 7

"red": 12

"Blue": 2

"BLUE": 7

"blue": 22

...and so on..

I'm asking for aggregation feature that I, as a user, could define based on the values in these records such taht the data above could be represented as:

"Red": 29 (i.e., 10 + 7 + 12)

"Blue": 31 (i.e., 2 + 7 + 22)


Hi @bminehart ,

You could achieve this kind of grouping on the data model side using augmented text deduplication.

Check documentation here:

This would be done by the data modeler. Would this work for you, or would you be more interested in a solution that would be targeted for the viewer specifically?

Please let me know if this helps : )

Always here to help,
Helena from QBeeQ
QBeeQ - Gold Implementation and Development Partner

Thanks Helena. We embed Sisense Dashboarding as a product to our customers and they do not have Data Model control so it wouldn't solve our problem.

We need something that is specifically exposed to users while Dashboarding.