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This is an "add on" request to this product request.

Our customers need to be able to filter on datetime columns using a combination of both the date and the time. I'd like to see this added as a capability of filtering. For example, I'd like to filter records from "0800 yesterday to 0800 today". Or "0800 on Monday to 1700 Wednesday". Or "0800 4/1/23 to 0800 4/5/23".

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Status changed to: Needs Votes & Comments

Hello @bminehart 

Thank you for sharing your idea in the Sisense Community. We value your input and think this is a great idea! 

In order to prioritize our development efforts, we want to gauge community interest. We kindly request you to encourage other users to vote and comment on your suggestion. The more engagement your request receives, the higher the likelihood it has of being considered for implementation.

We appreciate your efforts!