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We would like to be able to dynamically aggregate different categories of data into a fewer number of categories to make the visualization and analysis of that data cleaner and more Viewer-friendly.

Example: I may have records of a color that I want to count on. I may have these possible values: "Red", "RED", "red", "Blue", "BLUE", "blue", "Orange", "ORANGE", "orange", and so on.

If I COUNT on these values I may get:

"Red": 10

"RED": 7

"red": 12

"Blue": 2

"BLUE": 7

"blue": 22

...and so on..

I'm asking for aggregation feature that I, as a user, could define based on the values in these records such taht the data above could be represented as:

"Red": 29 (i.e., 10 + 7 + 12)

"Blue": 31 (i.e., 2 + 7 + 22)


Hi @bminehart ,

You could achieve this kind of grouping on the data model side using augmented text deduplication.

Check documentation here:

This would be done by the data modeler. Would this work for you, or would you be more interested in a solution that would be targeted for the viewer specifically?

Please let me know if this helps : )

Always here to help,
Helena from QBeeQ
QBeeQ - Gold Implementation and Development Partner

Thanks Helena. We embed Sisense Dashboarding as a product to our customers and they do not have Data Model control so it wouldn't solve our problem.

We need something that is specifically exposed to users while Dashboarding.

We are also confronted with a similar situation where our clients are unable to access the data model and, as a result, cannot rename the actual fields. In addition to this, there are instances when we need to rename or reclassify column values specifically for a certain widget or dashboard. 

Status changed to: Needs Votes & Comments

Hello @bminehart 

Thank you for sharing your idea in the Sisense Community. We value your input and think this is a great idea! 

In order to prioritize our development efforts, we want to gauge community interest. We kindly request you to encourage other users to vote and comment on your suggestion. The more engagement your request receives, the higher the likelihood it has of being considered for implementation.

We appreciate your efforts!