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Status: New Idea

There needs to be a way to deactivate user accounts rather than completing removing. We have users that will no longer have access to the system, but could come back later (for example, trail users).

The workarounds are currently:

  • reassigning security groups (means those users are still taking up licenses)
  • writing our own user admin functionality (only makes sense if we are integrating users to another platform)

Adding a 'Status' or 'Disabled' flag to the user account would accomplish this.


I like the disabled user idea but another work around could be as an Admin you should be able to change their password then if they return you give them the new password then they can change it again once logged in. It's not perfect but it works.

Hi @zach_myt , that's a nice alternative to moving security groups. Can't they reset p/w without Admin reset first though (reset email gets sent direct to their email)

Yes, I forgot to mention you would need to change their email slightly, I recommend something at the front or end of the email like [email protected]