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Community Team Member
Community Team Member

Call for Customer Stories

Anyone who has been a part of a virtual community (think Facebook groups, Reddit groups, etc) knows that a community cannot thrive without member input and discussion. Well, the same goes for the Sisense Community.

The Community Team is ready to share our member's stories, in addition to all the other helpful and relevant content regularly shared in the Community. We want to hear from YOU! 

How can you get in contact with our team to create content?

Well, that’s the easy part; reach out to our team via email ([email protected]). Once you’ve reached out, we can get you started on creating your blog post! The process is simple and you will have me (Jacqueline) by your side throughout the whole process so you will never be left in the dark.

How can I provide content suggestions?

Email us!! We are constantly looking to capture topic suggestions from community members– i.e.: the customer onboarding process, experience with Sisense Professional Services, creative ways your company has used dashboards, pivot tables, etc.  

Our team is eagerly waiting to hear from you all! Start submitting your content suggestions, so we can start highlighting Sisense customers’ stories front and center!