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Community Team Leader
Community Team Leader

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Hi everyone! Each month at Sisense, we will highlight different internal experts in our Scout Spotlight. We will learn from Sisense subject-matter experts and experienced industry professionals from Sisense’s Support, Engineering, Account Management, Professional Services, and Customer Success teams. 

Today, we have Adva Almog-Dadush, who is a member of our Product Team at Sisense! 

Adva, thank you so much for being here. Let’s go ahead and dive into our questions. 


What is your role at Sisense, and what led you to join the team?

I joined Sisense’s  Customer Training activities and Product Knowledge as part of the Product team. I joined Sisense because I really loved the product itself, and I found it really exciting to support such a complicated product, on the one hand, versus very very interesting customers, on the other hand. [I like] to provide them with better knowledge, content, and training. Those are the things that make me excited. 


It is a perfect fit. So, talking about the BI industry, what current trends do you find the most interesting?

Before Sisense, I was not really familiar with the BI industry at all. I came from different high-tech companies, but once I joined, I really loved the BI industry and learned a lot about it. The thing I loved the most is the Infusion perspective of taking analytics everywhere. I think it is something that will impact our lives even as a mother, as a wife, and as a friend. There is always something you can do with that, even for hobbies or if you like to learn things. You can infuse yourself into so many aspects to get better data availability or currency of the data. I think it is very nice.   


I totally agree. I feel like that is the future; analytics will be in everything–in our fridges, AC, everything. So talking about Sisense, what is your favorite Sisense feature?

That would probably be Notebooks because I think they are a multiplier for Sisense [regarding] our capabilities and offerings. It takes the data to a higher level of understanding, [where you can] analyze it and have code in front. Having all of that [plus] decision-making analytics and visualizations is really awesome.


Perfect! Talking about the customer perspective, what is one thing Sisense customers can do to optimize their experience with Sisense?

As part of the Product Team, I know that we're making a huge effort to have our monthly releases and make sure that we are updating our software and product by bringing the best top-notch features.

I wish that our customers would always ask themselves how they can improve their dashboard, their analytics, and their decision-making. Once they do that,  we will be able to provide them with better services and improve our product with better qualities and capabilities.


Perfect. What are three resources Sisense customers should have in their toolkit or their back pocket?

I'm a bit biased, but [I recommend] our documentation, our learning management system, which is online and provides ad-hoc, self-paced learning content, and, of course, our community.  It really embraces everything together and provides customers with the capability to ask questions, have discussion boards, and get more insight into best practices.


Thank you so much for the Community shout-out! Now that the hard part is done, [we have] two more personal questions. What is the best piece of career advice you have ever received?

As a training expert, I will say that it's really important to always ask questions and revise the limits we put on ourselves. Always try to think a bit further than what you have been asked to do, always ask questions, and make sure that you really understand everything fully. It is really important because sometimes we are the one that actually blocks [ourselves] and our opportunity to grow. Make sure that you're not doing that to yourself.


Very fair, very fair. Last question: what book are you currently reading or  what show are you currently watching? What has your attention outside of working hours?

As a mother of two young boys, I don't have much time for books or the patience, unfortunately, but for a late evening TV series I’m watching, Better Call Saul on Netflix. It is super nice; I think it has six seasons, so if you haven’t started it, you should do that. 


I will, thank you! We've reached the end of our interview.  Thank you so much for your time. I will post this in the Community. This has been an amazing interview. Thank you for all the resources that you've provided our customers.

Sure, thank you for your time and the opportunity. 


If you enjoyed this interview, please check out some of the resources mentioned, such as Sisense’s online documentation or the Sisense Community

Stay tuned for future Scout Spotlights!