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When 2 people can design 1 widget and work on it one by one, system doesn't sync the changes.


Whenever a dashboard is created in Sisense, the user who created it is it's owner. Only one user can be the owner of a particular dashboard at a time. Owners can share dashboards with other users to grant visibility, and you can hover over the dashboard in the Dashboards list (left hand pane in the Sisense web application) to view its ownership details. 
A dashboard recipient can edit the dashboard if the owner grants them permission, but the changes they make in that dashboard are local to their copy only.The recipient's changes are automatically performed on a separate copy of the dashboard (to which only they have access). Dashboard recipients can revert to the owner's latest shared copy at any time by right-clicking the dashboard's name in the Dashboards list and selecting "Restore Dashboard". 
Only a dashboard owner can publish changes of a dashboard to its recipients. When an owner modifies a dashboard (ex. by adding a new widget) the dashboard is not automatically updated for recipients. The owner of a dashboard must publish their updated dashboard to update the dashboard of their recipients, and the dashboard recipients must refresh the dashboard before any of the owner's changes are applied. 
As mentioned  - when a recipient modifies a shared dashboard those changes remain local. If an owner makes / republishes changes to that dashboard, all changes made by non-owners are overwritten. This applies to all dashboard components - both widgets and filters. Sisense recommends that recipients save any local versions of a shared dashboard as a new dashboard (make a duplicate) before updating a dashboard. 
For dashboard collaboration - best practice is: 
1) Dashboard Designer 1 (DD1) creates a dashboard, shares it with Dashboard Designer 2 (DD2)
2) DD2 creates a duplicate of DD1's dashboard. Now DD2 is the owner of that copy. DD2 shares duplicate w/ DD1. 
3) Both DD1 and DD2 design their widgets in the version of the dashboard that they own. Now, if DD1 publishes any changes, DD2 will not be impacted and no work inadvertently gets overwritten. 
4) DD1 can periodically import widgets from DD2's dashboard as necessary (simply by drag and drop) to the initial dashboard owned by DD1. 


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