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I want a Column Chart with 3 metrics- 2 of the metrics are stacked while one remains a single Column. I would even consider doing the 2 metrics stacked and the 3rd as a line, but if I choose 'Stacked' as my Column Chart Type, the ability to make the 3rd metric a line goes away.



You can accomplish this task by taking the following steps: 

  1. Add Metric A and Metric B to the Values of your column / bar chart per usual. Confirm there is a category included to act as our X axis (Y axis in the case of a bar chart). 
  2. Toggle over to the "Design" pane of the widget on the top right hand side of the editor, next to the Filters pane. Select Column Type of "Stacked" 
  3. Add Metric C to the Values of the column / bar chart. Click on the hamburger icon next to its name > show on right axis
  4. Click the hamburger icon next to its name again > Series type > Line
  5. Apply changes
8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps


I am looking to do something similar but I am not experiencing the same behavior.  When I set the 3rd metric to Line, it actually turns into a Line overlaid on top the stacked bar (regardless if it is set to left or right  Y-Axis).

I noticed this is a re-post from the old community site... is it possible the behavior described in this post is only for older versions of Sisense?  I am on L2021.12 and I would think that the expected behavior is to actually see the 3rd metric as a Line.

What I ultimately seek to do is have 4 metrics, split between 2 stacked bars (2 metrics each).

Thank you!

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