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Community Team Member

Analytical Need 

  1. Send Pulse notification only by the end of the month to track monthly performance.
  2. Cube is being built daily. 

Modeling Challenge

Sisense will trigger Pulse alert after every cube build if the condition is met. 
If the cube is being built daily, as long as the condition is met, we will get an alert every day and not only by the end of the month.


AssumptionThe date dimension used in the cube contains all the dates in the calendar year. 
  1. Create MTD flag in your Date dimension.
  1. Create a new indicator and defined IF statement based on the following:
  2. Count the number of Days in Date in the current month, using two measured values: Month in Date = “This Month”, and MTD = 1.
  3. If the count = 1, then it means this is the first day of the month, so we’d like to measure the performance of the last month (for example SUM of units). Using Measured Value on Months in Date = “Last Month” we will apply the calculation on the entire last month.
  4. If the count != 1, then we will return 0.
  5. Define the pulse alert using threshold, where the above widget result is greater than 0 (since 0 is being used for any day which isn’t the first day of the month).
  6. In this case, the assumption is that “0” isn’t a valid value for our measure. This parameter can be easily adjusted in the IF statement to support the relevant KPI.
  7. The pulse alert can also be defined using threshold between values in case the notification should be pushed for certain values only.
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