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A common requirement for self service BI is to enable the viewers to save their own report. This can be achievable in Sisense if you are a designer of a dashboard.

However, when you are a viewer, you cannot even re-order the pivot columns as you please.


The default behavior of the viewer is only to interact with the filters and view the numbers. No layout changes are allowed for a viewer.


We can change the default behavior of the viewer and allow him to re-order the rows, values & columns.

Using the API of custom roles we can achieve that. 


Go to Admin ==> REST API ==> 0.9

PUT /roles/{idOrName}/manifest/{path} API

Fill in the following parameters:

idOrName: consumer

path: /widgets.items



"reorder": true



Execute the API and that's it!

Note: the re-order option is enabled for all widget types (not just pivots), however, pivots are the main use case for this need.

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