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Reading Multiple Excel Files into Sisense Data Model


If you are migrating from Windows to a Sisense Linux-hosted solution, on the Sisense Windows machine you may use an SFTP client that moves Excel files placed in a remote server's folder to a folder on the Sisense Windows server. With this, it is used as a source folder for Excel file import to an ElastiCube.

Since this is not possible with your hosted Linux, we could use the CDATA SFTP Connector to import these files. In your existing connection string, you will get just the names of the files.

When connecting to an Excel sheet stored in an SFTP server, the URI must be sftp://<server>:<port>/<path to file>, as shown below. If the connection string does not contain this, you will just get the names of the files.



Additionally, the ConnectionType and AuthScheme must be set to SFTP, and the SSHAuthMode must be set to either None, Password, or Public_Key depending on your SFTP server.

If the issue still persists, it would be helpful to have a log file of the issue. To generate a log file, in your connection string to Excel, please set the Log file to the path where the log file will be generated (such as C:/Logs/log.txt) and Verbosity to 3. Then reproduce the error.

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