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Is there a way to add pre-processing (python script) to the data that will be uploaded from a custom API connector? Or should I run the script locally on a fixed schedule and use the Sisense API to upload after the data is processed?


Some info about your questions (as we already come across with that many times before):
  • You can run any python script that you would like automatically before or after a Build is done using an ElastiCube Plugin , scroll to the part where is talks about python scripts. 
  • Sisense doesn't provide an API to modify data within your cube. So if you would like the Python script to do some extra processing before it gets pushed to the cube - you can save that data locally on the Sisense machine in csv format and then use another another post-build plugin to delete that csv once the build is finished. 
- Notice that you can use any python version you'd like (in their code sample they are using the old 2.7) 
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