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Restoring missing connector

Restoring missing connector Introduction Sometimes connectors can go missing for some reason, leading to a breakdown in data connectivity. Restoring these connectors is crucial to maintaining a smooth data flow within your Sisense environment. This a...

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vsolodkyi by Sisense Team Member
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BloX Write Back Form to a Source Database

BloX Write Back Form to a Source Database Sisense BloX Database Writeback This guide demonstrates setting up a simple BloX widget to enable front-end users to write data back to the database. While this guide specifically uses AWS lambda to execute a...

Reducing Windows Memory Pressure by Removing unused JVM Connectors

Reducing Windows Memory Pressure by Removing unused JVM Connectors A simple technique can reduce memory pressure on Windows Sisense versions by inactivating unused JM connectors. To do this you should search for the Sisense JVM Connectors Configurati...

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Darwin by Sisense Team Member
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Google Analytics CDATA Connector

Google Analytics CDATA Connector What You’ll Learn: In this course users will learn how to: Download a CDATA Google Analytics (GA) driver Install a CDATA GA driver Configure a CDATA GA driver How to connect using a CDATA GA driver Prerequisites: This...

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antonvolov by Sisense Team Member
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Determine Driver's Class Name for JDBC Connector

Determine Driver's Class Name for JDBC Connector Question How do you determine the Driver’s Class Name from the JDBC driver file that is installed with the Sisense JDBC Connector? Prerequisites: Sisense Data Administrator may require a separate JDBC ...

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KevinY by Sisense Team Member
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Sisense Data Pipeline Best Practices

Sisense Data Pipeline Best Practices Architecturally, It is important to understand the role of Sisense in your use case and where it will fit best in your data architecture from a high-level perspective. Sisense is an excellent visualization tool th...

Darwin by Sisense Team Member
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How To Troubleshoot Build Failures (Linux OS)

HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT BUILD FAILURES (Linux OS)Building an ElastiCube imports the data from the data source(s) that have been added. The data is stored on the Sisense instance, where future dashboard queries will be run against it. You must build an El...

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Krutika by Sisense Team Member
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Choosing the Right Data Model

This post has become outdated. You can find guidance on choosing a data model on our documentation site here. Introduction Customers often run into the question of which dat...


The Ability To Manage JDBC Connections

Question How to change the connection strings in an easy way? Answer Using the REST API you can update the data connection strings directly. Returns a list of all your connections: GET http://localhost:8081/api/v1/connection Updates a connection: PAT...

How to connect to AWS Elasticsearch JDBC Connection

Question How can I connect to AWS ElasticSearch? Answer If you're running ElasticSearch on AWS you would need another connector, not the one from CData (which is suggested somewhere else on this forum). You would need this one -

Personio API Pre-Processing Data

Question Is there a way to add pre-processing (python script) to the data that will be uploaded from a custom API connector? Or should I run the script locally on a fixed schedule and use the Sisense API to upload after the data is processed? Answer ...

Data Problem With Google Sheets Connector

Question We run into a bizarre problem where the first column in the spreadsheet (the date column) gets corrupted. Sometimes a date gets repeated twice; sometimes it gets eliminated entirely. Here's a couple screenshots of the first two columns, firs...

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