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How to configure more than one JTD (JumpToDashboard) prefix in your app


This guide provides a solution to the use case when you need to have 2-different prefixes for JumpToDashboard plugin. This solution could be useful if you want to display the drill dashboards with the specific prefixes for a specific group of users or keep different dashboard prefixes for different customers within one system. 

The global plugin setting for the whole application is configured on the config.js file level while the same parameters defined in the widget script can override this global setting. This is described in the guide JumpToDashboard Plugin - How to Use and Customize. A widget script configuration allows us to define the JTD prefix per widget which helps to achieve this goal. 

How to implement it?

Firstly, you need to define the "drilledDashboardPrefix" under the Admin tab > System Management (under Server & Hardware) > File Management > plugins > jumpToDashboard > js > config.js:


The "_drill" prefix setting will be applied for all users in the system. 

Secondly, if you need to define a specific prefix for a specific dashboard, you must create a drill dashboard with this prefix. For example, let's use "_JTD".



Then you need to use the following JavaScript code on the widget level (that you'll need to jump from) in its edit mode -> clicking the 3 dots menu -> Edit Script:


prism.jumpToDashboard(widget, { drilledDashboardPrefix : "_JTD"});


After that, please save the changes to the widget by pressing the "Apply" button and check the "Jump to dashboard" menu in the edit mode:


As a result, you will have a global setting for all users with "_drill" prefix while also having an option to define a different prefix for the dashboards you need. 

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