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JumpToDashboard - Troubleshooting the most common configuration issues

This article provides possible solutions to the most common configuration issues with the JumpToDashboard plugin. 

Please review the symptom of the issue first (what error/behavior you experience with the JumpToDashboard plugin) and then follow the solution instructions. If this doesn’t solve your issue, feel free to contact our Support Team describing your issue in detail.

Symptoms: A target (usually with “_drill” in prefix) dashboard disappeared for non-owner users in the left-hand side panel.


this behavior could be intended and is controlled by the JumpToDashboard parameter called “hideDrilledDashboards”. To make the dashboard visible for the non-owners, please check the following:

1. Log in as a dashboard owner and find the dashboard in question in the left-hand side panel. Click the 3-dots menu and make sure it’s not hidden:

2. If it’s not hidden by the owner intentionally, then navigate to the Admin tab > System Management (under Server & Hardware) > File Management > plugins > jumpToDashboard > js > config.js and check if hideDrilledDashboards set to true. If so, then change it to false and save the changes in the config file.

3. Wait until the JumpToDashboard plugin is rebuilt under the Admin tab > Server & Hardware > Add-ons page and ask your user to refresh the browser page to check if a drill dashboard appears on the left-hand side panel.

Symptoms: No "Jump to dashboard" menu appears in a widget edit mode clicking the 3-dots menu. 

Solution: there could be different reasons for such behavior so check the most common cases below:

  1. Double-check if the JumpToDashboard plugin is enabled under the Admin tab > Server & Hardware > Add-ons page. 
  2. Make sure that both dashboards (parent and target) are based on the same ElastiCube. By default, the JumpToDashboard plugin has sameCubeRestriction: true in the config.js file that prevents the ‘jump to’ menu from appearing when a drill dashboard uses a different data source.

  3. Check that the prefix you used for the drill dashboard creation is correct. It could be changed in the config.js file. By default, it uses “_drill”:


Symptoms: when clicking on a widget that should open a drill dashboard, nothing happens. 

Solution: in such cases, we recommend opening your browser console (for example, F12 for Chrome > Console tab) to see if there are any errors that could indicate the issue. 

For example, a 403 error in the console indicates that the target dashboard is not shared with the user who is experiencing the issue. To fix it, login as an owner of the drill dashboard and share it with the relevant user or group.


Symptoms: when clicking on a widget to get the drill dashboard you get a 404 error.


This issue usually happens when the target/drill dashboard is removed from the system. In order to fix it, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the system as an owner.
  2. Find the parent widget and open it in edit mode. 
  3. Click the 3 dots menu > choose the ‘Jump to dashboard’ menu and select any other dashboard that exists in the system.
  4. Press Apply and publish the changes to other users. 

Note: if you need just to remove a drill dashboard that doesn’t exist from this widget and not substitute it with another one, try the following: after you choose a new drill dashboard, just unselect it after that and then save the changes. If the jump to dashboard menu doesn’t appear for this widget, try to create a new temporary dashboard with “_drill” in the prefix and do the same.

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