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Community Team Member

Analytical Need

Sometimes we want to display 2 dimensions and one measure in a widget. Ordinarily we will use a pivot table for this purpose.

A pivot table may be very nice & good but it doesn't allow us to filter the dashboard based on values from the dimension, plus it is a lot less visual.


We will use a scatter chart. You may say a scatter chart is destined to display 2 measures broken by a single dimension but luckily, Sisense is much more flexible than that and we can add our dimensions in the X-Axis & Y-Axis without any aggregation functions.

Remember to add All items and not an aggregation function :


The measure will appear under Size.

Further complexity: if we have numbers that are shown as dimensions (implementing what we talked about until now) and not aggregated using Sum/Avg etc, like so :



We can group them in the cube and display them like so :


Now, we can select any of the dimension values and filter the dashboard according to them and we have a much prettier widget.

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

The order of each of the axes changes based on data (usually when there are missing values in categories). Is there a way to keep the order of the categories (there is only one script available online, and it doesn't work for the X axis)?

Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Looks like this could be tackled by another script, but I was not able to find any sample or snippet that could be used to achieve the same. If this is a highly requested feature I suggest reaching out to support via portal to register the idea so this would be implemented as a part of the product instead of a custom solution. 

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