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Question: As of version 7.3, If you're using Outlook365 (not on-prem) as your SMTP server, you might encounter the following error when sending batch emails:
432 4.3.2 STOREDRV.ClientSubmit; sender thread limit exceeded
Essentially, this error is thrown back from the SMTP server telling us that we've opened too many simultaneous connections which exceeds the limit (3) of the server.
Solution: The reporting engine utilizes nodeMailer to send out emails. Its transport is configurable so what we'd need to do is limit the number of connections it opens and utilize a pooled connection.
To change these settings:
1) Create a backup of the file 
C:\Program Files\Sisense\app\galaxy-service\src\features\emails\v1\mailSender.js
2) Open the original and modify the following object:
function getSmtpTransport( ){
return mailer.createTransport( {
  maxConnections: 3, //<-----------ADD THIS LINE
  pool: true,        //<-----------ADD THIS LINE
  host: || 'localhost',
  port: emailServerConfig.port || 465,
  secure: || false,
  ignoreTLS: emailServerConfig.ignoreTLS || false,
  requireTLS: emailServerConfig.requireTLS || false,
  connectionTimeout: emailServerConfig.connectionTimeout || 10000,
  greetingTimeout: emailServerConfig.greetingTimeout || 5000,
  socketTimeout: emailServerConfig.socketTimeout || 5000,
  logger: emailServerConfig.logger || false,
  debug: emailServerConfig.debug || false,
  auth: auth
   } );
3) Restart Sisense.Galaxy service.
If that does not help you please create a support ticket and our support agents would be happy to help.
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