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DownloadLatest version (Sisense v7.0+), legacy version (Sisense v6)
This article explains how to create filter bookmarks using Sisense.
It is easy for dashboard users to add/update filters on a given dashboard, but an end user may want to save a collection of filters for reuse.  This plugin adds in an option for creating these collections of filters as bookmarks.
The following steps will walk through the process of adding the plugin and creating a custom filter.


Download the attachment and unzip the contents into your C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb\plugins\ folder. If you are using version 7.2 and higher unzip the contents into your C:\Program Files\Sisense\app\plugins\ folder. If the plugins folder doesn't exist, just create it. After those files have been unzipped there, you may also have to restart the web server. 


On your dashboard, click on either the FILTER label or on the filter menu icon to access the Bookmarks popup.

Using this popup, end users can create bookmarks based on the current filter selections.   
The bookmarks created using this plugin are stored within each dashboard, so if the dashboard owner creates a bookmark and shares/republishes the dashboard, all recipients of the dashboard will have access to these bookmarks.  Users that have access to the dashboard (but are not the owner) can also create bookmarks, but these will be private to the user.  
Since the bookmarks are saved as part of a dashboard, if a dashboard owner republishes a dashboard it will overwrite any bookmarks that were set by the dashboard viewer.  This works the same way as normal dashboard sharing, where end users can change a dashboard but the dashboard owner can override these changes.
  • All formatting/styling is handled through CSS, so if you want to customize it just modify the file bookmarks.css
  • The HTML generated for the popup menu is defined in bookmarkTemplate.html
  • UPDATED March 29, 2017 - Fixed an issue with placeholder text overlapping
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