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Customization of YTD

Hello everyone,I have a question on how to customize the YTD that is available when constructing a widget. I thought this was possible but now I'm not so sure. How would I go about getting the sum of the YTD between April-March versus Jan-Dec?

mgisp001 by 7 - Data Storage
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Pass Dashboard Filter value to Data Model as a Parameter

Hi Team,I was wondering if there is way to pass one dashboard filter value ( report id ) to the SQL query in the Data Model.We have a scenario, when a user loads the dashboard one of the dashboard filters gets dynamically updated while in embedded mo...

abhinavt by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Cascading filters for independent dimensions

Hello Team,We have a use case for dependent filters where we want to control(lock/unlock) each filter unlike existing dependent filters functionality where filters are grouped.We're using a live connection. For eg, If we have Product, Geography & Tim...

abhinavt by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Sisense API Model Refresh

We are trying to investigate how we can trigger a Sisense data model (schema) refresh from the API. This call would be made after a data pipeline schema change. We’ll need the calls to make to "Refresh Schema" how it is done in the UI. Kind RegardsHa...

Resolved! Applying a filter on a dashboard with two data sources

I have a dashboard that uses a Live model and Elasticbube mode and both use the same dim tables. One being dim_date and the other being dim_endpoint. If I want to apply a filter from these dim tables to be applied across the whole dashboard knowing t...

Astroraf by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Activity Duration as a % of Total Time

I have a dataset with 3 columns: ActivityType StartDate EndDateI’m attempting to build a visual that will report on what % of time is spent on which activity vs another, but I need to consider that not as a percent of all activities, but of all the p...

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Resolved! API Endpoint for a List of Connections

Hi SiSense Community,Is there a REST API endpoint that will list down all the connections along with their oid?For some reason, 'api/v1/connection' endpoint doesn't show the Snowflake connection that I've just set up.Thanks

fxs7576 by 9 - Travel Pro
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Rolling sum for 12 months RPSUM

I want to get a rolling sum for 12 months broken by each month. In past community posts it was mentioned to use a function "RPSUM". could not find this function is this function deprecated now?

datanerd by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Turn of Elasticube animation

Is it possible to turn off the moving of the tables in the Elasticubes? When I duplicate one the tables/circles all move around for a few seconds. Is it possible to turn this feature off?