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Switchable Break By Plugin/Widget/Script

I have a Bar Chart that is Revenue per past 12 months. I have 5-6 different fields that my users want to view revenue over the past 12 month “Broken by” or “categoried” by Meaning, lets try a stacked area chart, or a column chart etc… they want the a...

Disable Blox button once pressed

Does anyone perhaps know if it is possible to grey out or disable or change color of a blox button once it is pressed. We created a comment log where users can query certain data and submit that to an external sheet, however we don't want them to re-...


Resolved! Add Comments to Blox

This may be a stupid question, but how to I add comments to the Blox editor? // and /* */ both seem to work as I edit the script. However, after hitting "Apply" and returning to the editor my comments disappear. Some of our scripts get really long an...

gwolfe by 10 - ETL
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Resolved! Embed image stored locally to blox

Hi, does anyone know how to add an image that is stored locally using blox? We found this article to embed image stored in google drive, but we want to do this with an image stored locally.

gwolfe by 10 - ETL
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Excluding from an existing Dashboard filter using BLOX

Hello,I had an earlier challenge which was solved by Daniel (@rapidbisupport). Thank you!Now, I'm hoping to take this one step further. After the Dashboard filter has been created, I'd like to create another BLOX button to remove specific filter entr...

ssoltz by 8 - Cloud Apps
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