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Flowiseai + Sisense = RAG from a widget data values

flowiseai : flowiseai git : Leveraging flowiseai's LLM workflow, I created a custom tool and node.js-based fetch api code to enable augmented analysis and easy querying of data values for Si...

스크린샷 2024-06-04 오후 4.29.32.png 스크린샷 2024-06-04 오후 4.31.04.png 스크린샷 2024-06-04 오후 4.38.19.png 스크린샷 2024-06-04 오후 4.37.02.png
saxoji by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Merge borders for multiple widgets

Hello, I'm trying to merge borders for multiple widgets. Lets say if I have two widgets I know I can customize each widget's border style using the below script ,but is there a way to only have 4 borders for 2 widgets instead of 8. TIA dashboard.on('...

abhinavt by 7 - Data Storage
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Configuring B2D in Snowflake

Hello everyone,We currently use live connections (not elasticube) to Snowflake to build our data models. I have few questions on B2D- Our source and destination is Snowflake, so can we skip AWS S3 part?- Is there a way to use Azure Blob instead of AW...

Resolved! Widget Display Not Updating On Dashboard Filter Change

Hi all,So I am running the following script on my widget (using 'edit script') in order to grab the date of the maximum dollars for a year using a different bar chart widget on the dashboard, and display that date (along with the $ amount) on an indi...