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Webinar Q&A: Solve your BI adoption problems with Sisense Infusion Apps

Community Team Member
Community Team Member

Wow! What a turnout! We had over 200 registrants, and 120 logged in to participate in our webinar last week, "Solve your BI adoption problems with Sisense Infusion Apps".

We really appreciate everyone taking the time to log in, watch and interact with us, all while learning about Infusion Apps!

Below are the questions that were dropped into the chat during the webinar. Some questions have been consolidated or edited down for clarity.

🛠 General 

Which Sisense versions support Infusion Apps? Infusion Apps can be used with any version of Sisense on L8.2.6 or later. 

Can this work with live models? Yes, Views can be created using data from either Live models or Elasticubes.

Where do I choose my Elasticube? Views are built using the data in existing data models, and can be created using either Live models or Elasticube. When using Infusion Apps, the user does not need (and is not able) to choose which data source to use. They are able to access Views which are built on top of models, the same way that widgets are. 

What is a view in the Infusion Apps? The view is a new concept introduced for Infusion Apps, and is:

  • Simply a perspective of data. For example, Pipeline Opps, Won Opps, Open Support Tickets, Salesforce Leads, etc.
  • The basis of the NLQ engine used by Infusion Apps. The Ask Me feature in many Infusion Apps queries the view and not the data model.
  • A tabular dataset with a defined set of columns and a specific set of filters.

A view is a perspective generally aligned to a business department, or business use case.Views typically appear in Infusion Apps as sources of data for the user to explore. Views are created and edited in Sisense, and exposed for end-users in all Infusion Apps. Views appear in Infusion Apps, while respecting user permissions and data security rules, as sources of data for the user to explore. 

Do Infusion Apps work with a multi-tenant structure? No. A this time, Infusion Apps are not compatible to work with a multi-tenant structure. However, this is on the roadmap to support in the near future. 

What configurations are available for Infusion Apps (credentials, elasticube, etc.)? Infusion Apps utilize all the configurations of the underlying Sisense deployment. This includes, user permissions, data security, credentials, etc.

How do I install the PublishView add-on? Installing the PublishView is the same as installing any other add-on. You can see more detailed steps here. Please reach out to your CSM to get access to the PubishView files.

 Ask Me/NLQ

Are there particular keywords related to dataset for bringing in data? Yes. In Slack and Teams, the primary way to interact with the chatbot is through NLQ (Natural Language Query). You can ask a wide variety of questions depending on what is available in the View. See more about how to use Ask Me here.

Can a user directly use fields in the view instead of writing queries/using Ask Me? Yes. In Excel or Sheets, the primary way to interact with Infusion Apps is bringing in raw data from View, into a spreadsheet. This allows a user to work directly with the individual columns and data within the View. Using Ask Me, users can specify columns that they want to see and filter on. 

Can I see aggregated data in Slack based on the user query instead of showing data at granular level? Yes. Just prefix the query with `analyze` and that will give you an aggregation.

🔓 Auth, Access & Data Security

Since the app needs to be installed for the organization, what type of documentation is available for SOC2 compliance/reporting? Please reference our Sisense Security and Trust Center. If you have questions or concerns about compliance, please reach out to your CSM. 

How does data security work with Infusion Apps? Views inherit the permissions of the dashboards in which they are contained. Sharing the Dashboard with the correct set of users or user groups is helpful with overall view management. Infusion App users can only see a view if the dashboard containing that view is shared with them individually, or with a user group that they are in. The view will respect any existing data security rules that have been applied to the table rows within a data model. If data security rules are being respected, and apply to the user, they may only see a subset of the data. 

Does everyone require access to the Sisense application? How is authentication handled? Is it per user? Each person who uses Infusion Apps must have a Sisense login in order to authenticate and be able to see data from a specific Sisense instance. However, actually logging into the platform itself is not required. Users can access any View assigned to them directly through the Infusion App. 

Does the infusion app need to be installed on every users machine? Yes. In order to use Infusion Apps, the user needs access to it. All of the apps should be delivered through a centralized deployment. So just like any application offered to your users, you will need to make it available and accessible, usually via the cloud. There is no local install required. 

It looks like the infusion app only works with direct account login and not SSO. Is there a plan to have this work with SSO login? SSO will be supported to work with Infusion Apps with the L2022.9 release of Sisense. It will not require any changes to be made. 

💻 Apps

Does it work the same in Powerpoint as it does in Google workspace? No. Remember that Infusion Apps are built using the native capabilities of these applications (Google, Microsoft, Slack). So we are limited to what the applications allow us to do. 

Using the Office 365 Infusion App, you can use the data to create visualizations in Excel, and use Microsoft’s native linking to add those charts to Powerpoint. From there, you can easily update the content on the slides when a View is refreshed. But at this time, you are not able to create charts directly from Powerpoint. 

Will Office 365 and Teams be available for both Desktop and Web environments? Yes! Depending on your Office organization settings, users may be able to self-install to their Cloud account. To make available on Desktop (which is recommended), the Microsoft Admin will need to install and deploy to the organization

If we integrate infusion with Slack, can we also set an alert? The Slack Infusion App has a feature called News Feeds. News Feeds allows you to set up alerts/notifications based on a Natural Language Query. At this time, News Feeds is only available for Slack. 

Is there a limit to the number of rows in a View? There are no limits to the records in a View. However, you are limited to the row limits in Sheets or Excel (but those are pretty big limits). 

Is there a capability for the user to send commentary or data (write back) to Sisense? At this time, there is no way for a user using Infusion Apps to make any changes to the data in Sisense. This is important because Views leverage the data model, syntactic layer and governance in order to provide a "safe" way for your users to interact and work with data without the fear of changing anything in Sisense.

Do you provide business user training? We are in the process of developing user training. When ready, we will announce it through a Community post, and it will be available on Litmos.

Thank you again for all of your questions! 

📕 Check out the Infusion Apps Documentation if you want to do more exploration. And remember to leave your Infusion Apps feedback here.

📣 If you missed the webinar, but still want all the Infusion Apps goodness, download the recording here.

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