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Does anyone here experienced issues with slow front-end on sisense?

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage


We are Embedding the Sisense dashboard into our product and using the self-hosted version of Sisense. 

Unfortunately, everyone in our team internally, as well as users externally, has experienced very bad responsiveness of the dashboard and tool overall.

For example:

  • if I go to Sisense and click on 'Data' at the top menu
  • or click on some user in the admin panel
  • or click 'download' on the chart

For those above and many other cases the tool often seems to not be responding for a few minutes. 

I've been reaching out to Sisense support, but we haven't got advice on what to look at to see how can we improve it. 

Did anyone here have faced similar issues before? How did you resolve it?




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@Iryna Hello and I am sorry to hear about the slowness you are observing. I did locate your ticket with Support and understand that on your linux instance the network availability/bandwidth seems to be a potential culprit?

We do have a good article about testing network performance on linux instances here that might help in your investigation:

I'd recommend continuing the investigation with the team since there are a number of factors to consider but it seems we've made progress in ruling some of those out.