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Case When Statement Only Picking up the first When

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

I have a very simple case statement I'm writing and applying to a pivot table. 

My Row column is a list of types which in the below case statement is the [class I] and [class II].


when ([Total NumericQuantity],[class I]) > 0 then ([Max NumericQuantity])*([Max NumericAnswer],[class I q])
when ([Total NumericQuantity],[class II]) > 0 then ([Max NumericQuantity])*([Max NumericAnswer],[class II q])

else 0



However it only ever returns the value for the first case statement.

I have checked that the total numeric quantity is returning the correct values for each row and the max numeric answer attached.

I am expecting this:


to show: 658.3 and 5.37 in the Case 1 column respectivley. But it is applying the 1.45 value to both.

Am I doing something wrong with my case statement or is there potentially a bigger issue in how the data is hung together in the back end?